Photo of Andras Vaczi
light in the soul of my art.
I think the direction comes from within.
My life has been defined by the etching but increasingly employ the theoretical art
My pictures I try to present my ideas constructive development system.
I live in Amsterdam and in Budapest
My pictures are given money for life.
I am looking for a dealer who can work together with me.
The retailer's share to 50%



Light square landsc

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Luminous landscape
Breaking the balance
Landscape break-balance-2
Lightning Squad-1
Lightning Squad-2
Lightning Squad-3
Lightning Squad-4
Break the landscape-1
Stars of lightning landscape
Landscape in the Danube Bend
Planet Earth
Dutch landscape-1
Colorful house
Dutch farm
Aunt Sophie
Bleriot's dream
Aunt Sophie-2
Spiraal-trap Boedapest
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Light square landscape centering
since April 2013

Work Experience

2013 - Centering without the direction of the light in the direction of the free
The light energy that is behind the world financial front. You, me, the kind of dream images and more. Displayed through them, because we live it. For example, someone wake up, embodied the love within us, but live as their subjective state. The light does exist outside of us. Is independent of the direction of the Sun. Think of the perfect undirected light of Rembrandt's art. This gave rise to the concept of centering the light direction complete.

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