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Olfa Ben Ali is a visual artist born in Toulouse, France. She lives and works in Amsterdam. She received her bachelor of art from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam in 2012.
She uses film, video and film related installation. Vision and language interrelate in her works, which deal with the melancholy of loss, hopes for the future and the sometimes stark and harsh contrasts of the present that stand in between past and future.




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Short Film ''N’Être''
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I grew up in a so called ghetto but from my perspective, this place, often perceived as grey, bleak and threatening - is fragile, subtle and warm. In this film I offer a glimpse into ordinary life in the banlieue. The intimacy of the conversation with my mum contrasts with the rigid uniformity of the modernist housing and, along with discrete observations of her neighbourhood, paints a picture of the private lives behind the facades.
February 2012 -

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