What about us?

Artist Network

What about Artist Network? It’s quite simple really, it’s a place where artists can meet other artists. You can browse through the work of artists, like yourself, and add them to your network. This will make it easier to work together, stay up-to-date on each others progress, and discuss your art. Having artists in your network creates opportunities that might be difficult to create on your own, think of us as a way to get your work to the world.

The artists that join Artist Network get a free profile page, where you can portray yourself as the artist you are. It’s a one page profile where you can display all the art you have created and want to share. As well as showing who you are as a person and what you have done in the past. There are several other functions like the ‘hire me’ button or all the functions that let people share you work easily, but the best thing you can do is simply sign up and find out for yourself!

We know how difficult it is to present all the art you have been working on in the past, to get some ideas or tips check out a typical profile page like this one of Tamara Markus, Martijn Heijne or this one from Laura Sestri. A profile page on Artist Network makes it easy to present yourself, as an artist.

Can I join?

Any artist is welcome, we have created all the means that you need to add photo’s, video, music or text. We do this with a little help from some other organisations that are specialised in these types of media. These are just some of the organisations that we associate ourselves with:


With their help it’s even easier to share your work with other artists.
The next couple of months we will be particularly focusing on the agency part of Artist Network. We want to work on promoting you, not just as an artist, but also as somebody that wants to work and is looking for an employer that needs the skills that you have.

Sign up to Artist Network and get started now!